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Welcome to Daramalan

"Borders for Crossing"




Daramalan Border Leicester Stud is located at 800 metres above sea level near Roslyn, New South Wales. It is 25 kilometres north of Goulburn and about 30 kilometres south east of Crookwell in the Southern Tablelands. The property is about 160 hectares with around 20 hectares of native eucalypt forest and remnant bush.

The foundation stud ewe flock was sourced in mid 2009 from Terry and Anne McIntosh' Sylvia Vale Stud at Binda, a stud with 35 years of successful production of high quality flock rams. We now have 136 ewes in the stud flock and 3 stud rams.

Our mission is to continue the Sylvia Vale tradition and produce the highest quality Border Leicester rams in a sustainable business built on excellence in rams offered and in customer service.

About us

David has a degree in Agricultural Botany and majored in crop genetics, specialising in overcoming the self incompatibility mechanism in Brassica species. Well, someone had to!! After thirty years as a commodities trader, futures and options broker and senior management roles in financial services it was time to go full circle and return to an agricultural venture.

Local crop sprayer (Crookwell District Spraying Services), Craig "Butch" Coggan, is our hands-on partner and manager. He also owns a Poll Dorset stud at Logancrest, Crookwell. Butch has wide and extensive knowledge and experience on all aspects of sheep and property management.

We are committed to sustainable farming practices as much as possible so that we are not causing irreversible damage to the environment. Daramalan must be a financially viable enterprise so that we can continue to pay the bills and produce the best quality output we can. We have planted trees on the Tarlo River banks to reduce soil erosion and stabilise the banks. We plan to plant up to 500 trees per annum for the next five years to sequester carbon dioxide and to establish windbreaks and wildlife corridors. We direct drill our forage crops into last year's crop and allow self seeding of paddocks whenever possible. Almost all our paddocks have clovers and lucerne in them to fix nitrogen into the soil. We apply lime to selective paddocks on a regular basis to prevent acidification. We employ local shearers, agents, veterinarian and other staff. We purchase only Green Power from Country Energy.




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